The Worshipful Company of World Traders is governed by its Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and a Court of Assistants which elects the forthcoming Master and Wardens. The chief executive officer of the Company is known as the Clerk. The Master and Wardens serve the Company in their respective roles for a period of one year, after which time the Master becomes ‘Immediate Past Master’, the Senior Warden becomes the Master of the Company and the Junior Warden is promoted to the role of Senior Warden. A new Junior Warden is then elected by the Court of Assistants. Past Masters advise the incumbent Master and can resume as Master should the need arise. The appointment to the office of Clerk is not subject to annual election.


Master: Mrs Sue Algeo

Senior Warden: Mrs Mary Hardy

Junior Warden: Mr Andrew Marsden

Clerk: Mrs Gaye Duffy

Court of Assistants:

Mr Ian Aitchison (Court Assistant)

Mr Peter Alvey (Immediate Past Master)

Mr Lars Andersen (Court Assistant)

Ms Zoe Buckingham (Court Assistant)

Mr Richard Burge (Court Assistant)

Mr Chris Edge (Court Assistant)

Mr Mark Hardy (Past Master)

Miss Wendy Hyde CC (Past Master)

Mr Michael Larsen (Court Assistant)

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli (Past Master)

Mr Andrew Marsden (Court Assistant)

Mr Nick Mayhew (Court Assistant)

Miss Sheila McGregor (Court Assistant)

Dr Edwina Moreton OBE (Past Master)

Mr Mark Olbrich (Court Assistant)

Mr Michael Shapiro (Court Assistant)

Mr Loukas Spiliotopoulos (Treasurer & Court Assistant)

Mr Adrian Thomas (Assistant)

Mr Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE (Past Master)


Ms Anna Burman (ex-officio)

Ms Oana Lazar (Observer)

Mr Barry Leahey MBE (Observer)


Past Masters:

2019-2020: Mr Peter Alvey

2018-2019: Dr Edwina Moreton OBE

2017-2018: Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli

2016-2017: Mr Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE

2015-2016: Miss Wendy Hyde CC

2014-2015: Mr Mark Hardy, DL

2013-2014: Professor Heather McLaughlin

2012-2013: Mr John Burbidge-King

2011-2012: Miss Mei Sim Lai OBE, DL

2010-2011: Mr Graham Bishop

2009-2010: Mr Michael Wren

2008-2009: The Rt Hon the Baroness Garden of Frognal, PC

2007-2008: Mr Robert Alston CMG, QSO, DL

2006-2007: Mr Jack Wigglesworth

2005-2006: Mr William King

2004-2005: Mr Eric Stobart

2003-2004: Mr Eric Tracey

2002-2003: Mr John Stace

2001-2002: Mr Bryan Whalley TD

2000-2001: Miss Sue Hughes

1999-2000: Sir Roger Cork

1998-1999: Mr Peter Wildblood

1997-1998: Mr David Watt

1996-1997: Mr Jim Davis CBE, K(DK)

1995-1996: Mr Bryan Montgomery

1994-1995: The Venerable Peter Delaney MBE

1993-1994: Mr George Capon

1992-1993: Mr Peter Drew OBE

1991-1992: The Earl of Limerick KBE

1990-1991: Mr Richard Charvet RD, KSstJ, JP

1989-1990: Mr Peter Bowring CBE

1988-1989: Lord Bellwin of Leeds JP LLB

1987-1988: Sir Peter Gadsden GBE AC FREng

1985-1987: Mr Peter Drew OBE